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About Danian

Danian Vreugd is a Dj, Producer, and Remixer from the Netherlands. This happy guy brings the EDM world to a different universe. Danian Vreugd started producing at the age of 12 with the focus on Big Room house, Psytrance, and Edm. He grew up in the Netherlands with his mum and dad his mum was a dancing instructor and his dad develops software. So going into Electronic Dance Music was a perfect combination.

With his happy attitude, great music and his creative view on EDM. Danian Vreugd played shows all over the world. Japan, Rusia, Spain, Germany, France Denmark Greece and of course his own country The Netherlands.

Danian Vreugd’s catalog sums up to more than 1.000.000 Streams on all streaming platforms, With releases in 2019 included

“Psytrain” “Anubis” and his latest hit “Burn it Down” (x STWRT NAN & Svlvh)

And this is only the beginning of the great heights Danian Vreugd is going to be at in 2020 and all the following years to come!

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